Part Time Bookeeper and Full Time Maintenance Equipment Operator

MITCHELL IRRIGATION DISTRICT   Mitchell, NE   Full-time     Maintenance
Posted on January 24, 2023

Mitchell Irrigation District is looking for a Part-Time Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping Clerk, is a financial professional who is responsible for recording a company's financial accounts and records. Their duties include checking accounting records for accuracy, tracking invoices and payments and maintaining a system for organizing company documents.
An eye for detail
The ability to meet deadlines
The ability to communicate complex data in a clear way
Exceptional organization skills
The ability to prioritize projects
The ability to meet deadlines
Customer service skills
Excellent data entry skills

& is also looking for a Full Time Maintenance -Equipment Operator.
Knowledge of equipment and how to maintain them,

Ensuring all equipment is maintained and used in accordance with company health and safety regulations.
Cleaning, lubricating, and performing regular safety checks on equipment.
Ensuring equipment is properly positioned before turning it on and off, or loading and unloading it.
Training new crew members in the safe operation of equipment.
Performing other construction duties as needed.
Observing the safe distribution of concrete and other materials.
Promptly reporting all faults to the Supervisor or Foreman.
Ensuring sites are kept clean and safe.
Attending meetings and refresher courses to ensure responsible equipment operation.
Identifying faults and troubleshooting equipment as required.