Pen Rider

Darnall Ranch & Feedlot   Harrisburg, NE   Full-time     Farming / Fishing / Forestry
Posted on February 7, 2024

Objective:  Observe, treat, move, handle, process, and oversee maintenance of cattle in feedlot which includes:


  • Riding pens to check all livestock for any and all health concerns, checking general condition of pens, tanks, fences, feed, or anything that might be amiss
  • Treating sick animals either in the pen, or by moving to hospital for treatment
  • Moving recovered or recovering animals back to home pens
  • Fixing fences that need repaired or replaced
  • Cleaning tanks as needed
  • Assisting with processing of cattle including branding, giving injections, dehorning, banding or castrating, or any other needed process per head
  • Taking incoming cattle to new pens, moving outgoing cattle to scale/trucks, and any other sorting and or pen to pen movements as needed
  • Enter treatments given to individual livestock into health system on cowboy PC
  • Assist in the shipment of sold cattle, bringing appropriate pens to scale in a timely manner – eliminating as much stress to the animals as possible – and assisting in the loading process into trucks
  • Removing dead animals from pens, ensuring all cattle are weighed with appropriate tag numbers recorded to ticket.  Office staff is notified to facilitate the removal and disposal from system



Physical requirements and skills needed:

            Ability to lift 50 lbs.

            Ability to ride a horse

            Ability to take direction and follow through to completion.  Asking questions if directions aren’t completely clear.

            Ability to treat animals with appropriate medical treatments.

            Ability to work in a wide variety of weather conditions